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Poems I wrote to My Mother, My Sweet Mum


  When my mother passed on it was like part of me was missing. What keeps me close to my mother are good memories, my poems  & knowing she is with us all the time 

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I wrote this poem to my mother when I lived in Montague, France.

 March 24th 1974


The roses are red like your lips.

The sun shines like your smile.

The flowers bloom so beautiful like

 you. The rain falls and brings

 freshness to the earth like you bring

 to the people around you.

God put you on this earth so you

 could  bring happiness to others.

and that is  such a great gift to have. 

You are a good person that I admire and adore.

and I hope one day I will be able to do

 half the good things you have done.

For that might make me half the woman you are.

Love you mum

                      Poem Copyright ©  poem wrote by her loving daughter Kim








I wrote this poem to my mother on My Parents 46th

Anniversary  June 25  1995



For Being a Wonderful Caring Mother  

  M other & Child                                           

                   Mother Mother,

 whose womb I snuggled in so restfully and warm,

My eyes opened the day I was born

I look up to see your eyes gazing into mine

 A bond mother and child,

Mother Mother, who will always care

The love that we will always share

Mother Mother, I am now the bond

 That we share and will carry on

Through the ages, like a circle we're born again

Taught to love, feel and learn

To do all we can to make this world a better place

For our children's children

For they are our future of our destiny, 

Mother and child. I love you, Mum

                                        Your loving daughter Kim wrote 1995


          Our mum loved yellow Roses
The symbol of yellow roses are:
 Joy, gladness, friendship and feeling of care
 That's what our mother was and still is.
 She takes care of us she is now one of our Angels

    .Copyright © Kim











Lily Born 1919- Oct 14th- Oct 27th 2007

 She is in Heaven now

  The Love We Shared







Mother how we love you so much and always loved your loving touch.


You will be watching over us, I will see you in my dreams,

 a mother who loved us and always will


Mother how we will miss you, how you were so dear to us, we were

not ready to let you go but we didn't want you to suffer anymore


All the things you taught us, to love, not to hate,

to treat people the way you want to be treated.  



 To be kind loving and stand up for what

you believe in and to be strong  


I know you didnít have very much time the Cancer

came back and you felt tired all the time


You said to me when it is your time then you will go, you are

not afraid, there is no fear, your loved ones are waiting near


 Heaven is a wonderful place, no judgment, no sorrow, you will

be at peace with God the Heavenly Father that loves you


You will be surrounded with so much love your

 heart filled to the brim with joy and happiness


The light that took you was so bright and clear a tunnel

that drew you to heaven and took you from this earth without fear



 You gave me courage and told me never give up on my purpose,

my dream of helping others. I would not be the woman

I am if it wasn't for you our dear mum.



You did the best that you knew how and always loved and gave

 from your heart a mother who cared and shared your laughter 


   Our hearts ache so much to not be able to see you 

but it is filled with gratitude that I do feel you



We love you with all our hearts itís going to be very hard not

having you around I know you wouldn't want us to be sad

and for us to celebrate the happy times that we did have


It's so surreal not having you here but you're at peace now with

 so much love around you and so much more. We love you mum

we always will. God Bless you, our sweet mum.  


  Written by Your loving daughter Kim


 Copyright © Kim





My mum will live on 

 See full size image

My mum will live on through my thoughts,

 through my feelings,


 through my love,


through my dreams



mum you will live on 



You will live on


The light that surrounds me, the positive energy you are still with me,

mum you will live on through me


I danced with you the other day and felt your arms around me,

 you will live on


You are always there beside me taking care of me like you always did and always will,

you will live on


 You would listen to me, not judge me,  just love me for who I am,

you will  live on


Your guidance gives me strength and tenacity knowing you are with me,

you will live on


Because you loved me , you believed in me,

you will live on 


Mum you are in my heart and in my soul we are here to learn, my beautiful mum,

you will live on 


You will guide me and show me the way a mother never leaves her child, 

you will live on


 I will be with you in heaven one day, with God's love,

you will live on


You will always be with me the magnificent light that surrounds me so bright and clear,

you will live on. 




      The white light I see you all around me

the positive  energy you are still with me,

mum you will live on through me






I Love You Mum

 You Will Live O



 The power of the Soul

 Copyright © Kim