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My Hair Studio is

About Whole Health

 Warm and Inviting with

No Chemical Smells

 A Non toxic Environment

Organic hairstyling products

What is the difference?


Certified  Organic Hair Products

Non Toxic Hair Colours

 No Ammonia or PPD

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. Hair by Kim at Blades. Make up by Debra Jacino.


  Certified Organic

Hair Care line

Onesta Hair care  info

10% of their net proceeds go to cancer research!! Onesta Hair Care was founded by Tom Redmond, a cancer survivor. So if you know somebody affected by cancer, this is a good way to support research and know you are using non toxic hair products. Onesta will not use any HARMFUL CHEMICALS


I use CHI hair colours

You can also buy the CHI colours

  What makes CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Unique? Completely Ammonia Free no Chemical Smell  leaves the hair health and coves grey

CHI Ionic Permanent  Hair  Shine colour

BIO-LITEZ Ammonia free or PPD locks in silk and protein into the hair shaft


For Processing My Clients' Colour I use

 CHI Professional IR Processor Dryer




        Hot Tools 1 1/2 Inch Hot Air Brush

Hot Tools Blow-Dyer Air Brush


    Ceramic Flat Irons   


Made in the USA CHI Original Flat Iron


          CHI Flat Iron 1 inch by Farouk | SHOP NOW!







You deserve to know what chemicals are in your "Products. 

 Be an Educated consumer

Marketplace Because it says organic or natural

 Is It?

Watch these videos

Lousy Labels: Home Edition - Marketplace - CBC Player

Lousy Labels: Health Hype - Marketplace - CBC Player

Non toxic cleaner 1 bottle can last up to 3 years 




Our beautiful deck &- outdoor  kitchen

built by Carpenter

Ross Stephen 





A Family Business

Eco-Friendly Hardwood

FSC Certified Harwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Cork Flooring

Tel.: (613) 225-CAMA (2262)


  We are so happy with the hardwood put in by Rome flooring.  Joe and his family are the nicest people you could do business with. Please visit their website. If you go to Gallery you can see all the beautiful work they do. 









There has been a lot of publicity about cancer and toxins in hair dies and products you use on your skin and hair. The hair colours I use are PPD free and no ammonia and my hi-lights no bleach.

 If you can find a hair studio that uses non toxic hair colour and hair care styling products that would be so much better for your health and well-being.


I use CHI hair colours

You can also buy the CHI colours

What makes CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Unique? Completely Ammonia Free and PPD free, no chemical smell  leaves the hair health silky with natural hi-lights and covers grey.


I can't purchase the Chi organic olive oil therapy collection anymore from my supplier

 Very pleased I can now use and sell ONESTA ORGANIC


By using the Organic hairstyling products on my clients I know I am not putting damaging chemicals on their scalp. I only want the best for myself and  clients because we are worth it. Our health and well-being is very important. If you don't have your health you can't live the life you want. I want to be healthy so I can live a long happy and prosperous life. When you are happy and positive wonderful things happen.

  I am sure a lot of clients if they had a choice would want an ammonia free professional colours put on their scalp to cover gray hair.  Our largest organ is our skin. When using bleach or perms you are breathing in those toxic fumes. I am sure a lot of hairstylists don't realize how vulnerable they are by using these toxic chemicals.. 

You can tell a lot about a person's health from their hair and skin. I had to start looking for toxic  free products to bring into my home and hair studio  because of my health and family's health. Be careful even if products say they are organic, natural or hyper allergenic are they really chemical free and non toxic? An organic product, to be truly organic, has to be certified.













 Visit Our Secret Garden


 What is the difference? *no chemical or chemical smells.* Lots of windows to see outside you feel like you are out in the countryside.

 In the winter when the snow falls it looks like a winter wonderland. Life can be so hectic and stressful so this is why it's so important to have a place for my clients to come and be able to relax and feel special. To have someone who cares who will do your hair with a smile and have a positive attitude. You can not but feel happy and relaxed when you are around beautiful surroundings and  leave with  a great haircut, colour  and style. 


The Difference is?

* BOSE CD player, that fill the room with   calming music.

* lots of  beautiful plants that put oxygen in the air.

*A nice head massage you can drift off while listening to the calming music and the water from the fountain.

*No chlorine in the water  and throughout the home.

*In our home and hair studio Professional Air purifiers

* Use ECO friendly cleaning products, it's important what  we use in our home especially around our children, the elderly, and our pets they are even more susceptible to these toxic chemicals. 

* Only use Organic shampoos and hair styling products on my clients'.

* I use CHI colours , ammonia free no chemical smells and non toxic, PPD free

* Ionic infer-Red Processor dyer for colouring hair. ( EMF)

* I use a CHI Blow-dryer, maintains the safety of the environment, reduces the levels of  EMF. 

     ( Electric magnetic fields)

* Also the CHI  Ceramic Ionic Flat iron .

* I don't do perms or use bleach so that's one of the reasons why there is no chemical smells. 

    Come and Be Pampered

*  If you like my husband will bring you one of his home made gluten free Chocolate chip or carrot, zucchini muffin with a herbal tea.

*While you wait for your colour to take after you come out of the dryer. You can sit back in a comfortable massage chair.



*On cool days cover yourself with a soft faux- fur throw meditate or relax.





You Can See Beautiful Scenery

-You can see trees, flowers, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, birds it all depends on the time of the year. In the summer you can sit outside go here  If you come early you can sit on the massage chair  have a tea and muffin read a book from my library, magazine or have a catnap. Isnít it nice to be pampered?



  Kim name graphics

If you are interested in buying  nontoxic hair colours please get in touch with me 613-825 1554.


Happy and Friendly Atmosphere

You get to a place in your life and you want peace, harmony and tranquility that's how I have designed our home and my hair studio. You can tell a lot about a person by their surroundings.

* A Happy Positive and friendly atmosphere.

*If you are a person who doesn't like going to a hair studio  and it makes you anxious. you will  feel very comfortable here. 

*I love what I do, when you love what you to do you will be happy and content.

 * I give hugs 


 One Of My Dear Clients Dianne Bought The Wall Words For My Hair Studio  Live *Laugh * Love* Happiness and Put them up above the door for me. I am so blessed I have Wonderful Clients. that mean a lot to me and that's one of the reasons why I built this ECO friendly hair studio I wanted to do something nice for them. You never know what life will bring you all I know is when you have a positive outlook you attract the right people into your life. 





for visiting

 & I hope you  enjoyed your visit to

The Secret Garden Hair Studio 







 Some Testimonials from my clients 


Orange-Butterfly-Animated-butterfli.gif animated butterfly image by keinzdash



Dear Kim,

I just had to write to tell you how wonderful I look and feel after only two visits to your amazing salon!  My hair has never looked or felt better and it is so reassuring to know that the products you use are chemical-free. I love visiting your peaceful studio which is truly a sanctuary of light and positive energy!  I feel like a 'new me' both spiritually and in terms of my hair after spending time with you in your salon.  You are a beautiful and very talented person Kim and I feel blessed to have found you!



Hi Kim,

 I want to thank you so much for the beautiful cut you gave me.  You are an amazing stylist!!   I can manage my hair at home more easily and I love using the new Onesta organic hair and the skin products.   Thank you for taking your time styling my hair.  I found the whole experience so relaxing.  I am soooo looking forward to my next visit!!



Hi Kim.
I sent my sister a recent photo of me at an event and wanted to share her comments with you:

" Can't believe how long your hair is! Did you get extensions? How did it grow that fast? It was no where near that long when I saw you at the end of summer. I don't think I've ever seen you with hair that long. It looks great! I also really enjoy the colour. Your hairdresser is doing a fantastic job".

By the way, I was not wearing any extensions.   Pegge

I am pleased with my hair cut and the curler demonstration was great. Virginia


Since Kim has opened "The Secret Garden Hair Studio" my experience is even more wonderful! She has truly created a healing sanctuary from organic chemical free products, her professionalism, the chlorine free water, the big windows beaming in sunlight, plush green plants, healing music, organic tea, delicious chocolates or cookies. I leave feeling truly pampered from head to toe! Julie Desmarais Matrix

" I have been a constant and very content customer of Kim for over 20 years....She is a master at her trade. I would never consider having anyone else touch my hair...Her new salon is spectacular !"
Anne Gagnier-Delahunt   Real-estate Brokerage


Congratulations, you have done a fantastic project of your new salon and your services (techniques) are second to none !I really enjoy your work! Take care


Louise Moynan was owner of Centennial Glass Depot

I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful, peaceful Secret Garden .   I was just there for my first visit after your salon was completed and I felt so peaceful and relaxed.  You have created such a warm place that I am sure many of your clients feel the same. I love your lighting especially those scones on the wall.  The colours your choose, yellow and brown, are the right combination for a soothing visit along with the music and the waterfall.  And, I cannot forget to mention the treats, tea and cookies. 

Again, Kim, thank you for such a relaxing visit.  Love my colour and cut.


You just have to experience this salon, the Secret Garden. Kim has such a nice rapport with her clients, which makes a visit to her salon so relaxing. She is also quite knowledgeable about different hair products. That's why I love coming here, when I get my hair done I feel wonderful., like a new me. I recommend a visit to her salon to anybody who doesn't like the stress of a busy hair salon and wants a hairdresser who attends to your needs and wishes, which Kim does  so well.

  Regina Maria Renger


A visit to The Secret Garden Hair Studio is what a real  therapy session should be - a total delight.  Of the hair cut and styling I  can only say nobody does it better. Mary Price

Mary, with one of my adorable little puppy; Angel. What an amazing lady 91 years young; Mary is my oldest and dearest client.


Good morning Kim,

I hope you are well. I have been wanting to sit a write you a note for a while and always seem to be running off to do something else. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my appointment the other day and that I love the colour of my hair. This is the first time in several years where I have not regretted having my hair coloured. Thank you, thank you and thank you. 

I am looking forward to my next appointment at your beautiful salon. Have a great month and I will see you later.








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