Here are some pictures of the beautiful couple Amy purchased. They are called Biewers, they are rare in Canada and very expensive. The girl came from Germany and the boy from the States.  She can't wait for their litter. I will keep you posted.



Above is the girl, she is fully grown now at 4.8 lbs, this picture is when she was 9 weeks old.  Biewers are black and white on the body with black, white and gold around the head. They originated in Germany.





Above is the boy, he is now full grown and weighs 2.8 lbs.They both have exquisite baby doll faces, and very gentle. Except for the hair been longer now, he has not changed much.




Bella 8 months old                                              Baron Bella and the new puppies Daddy




Bella has been a blessing and we couldn't be happier.


If interested in Amy's puppies contact Amy at 613-830-5152