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    ECO & Environmentally Friendly

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Certified Organic Hair Care line

Onesta Hair Care info 

10% of their net proceeds go to cancer research!! Onesta Hair Care was founded by Tom Redmond, a cancer survivor. So if you know somebody affected by cancer, this is a good way to support research and know you are using non toxic hair products.

  Onesta will not use any HARMFUL CHEMICALS

Brushing Meets Styling With The New Stylus From FHI Heat


So what can this baby do? A better question would beówhat canít it do? Use it to create volume and body, lift at the crown, curls, flips and waves. It also smoothes naughty frizz and flyaways and controls unruly cowlicks. It can be used to create a completely new style between shampoos, and itís the perfect touch-up tool. And hereís the thingóitís as easy to use as, well, as a hairbrush! So for your client, that means no awkward angles, burned fingers or complicated tutorials.


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